Vancouver Island artist JEFF KING is well known for his murals and wildlife paintings.

He has now completed the final phase of an ongoing 4 year project and

has brought his original idea of a functional piece of artwork to reality...

A life size sculpture of an Orca Tail.


It was originally designed as a seat, a park bench of sorts and as a tourist attraction.

Other applications for this piece maybe as a part of a water feature, as a fountain or as a center piece for a pond, etc....

possible as a memorial for a loved one or just to be a beautiful piece of art to admire.


These very unique pieces come as either Engineered Concrete or a Cast Aluminum version,

each having it's own particular advantages depending on it's application.

Both are very durable and weather resistant and built to last a lifetime.

There is also a variety of installation options to choose from.


For more information or to purchase call 250-713-1865

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