Cast Alluminum Whale Tail Benches


  • Whale tails are manufactured as a mirror image of our concrete versions except that they are made from an aluminum casting process.
  • The tail consists of 8 pieces that are cast individually, welded back together, then the welds are ground smoth to a factory finish.
  • The factory finish may be powder coated with color and/or clear coated.
  • The powder coatings are available in a wide variety of colors and textures.
  • The tail also available in Level 2 finish (sanded to 120gr), or even further to a Level 3 (polished chrome like finsish) then may be clear coated or anodized.
  • The biggest advantage of the aluminum tail is the weight which makes it easier for handling and installation and cheaper overall shipping as well.
  • Pricing varies according to configuration, and finishing requirements.
  • More details below.
  • Call 250-713-1865 for a quote.



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